Mini Trip to Kyocera Museum of Art

Lately I’ve been a little bit sick (no it’s not corona) so I haven’t really been out and about…not that I’ve been keeping up with this blog anyway — I have plans to try and remedy that — but today I decided to leave my house!

Since miss coronavirus started, the opportunities to leave home have been few and far between. Not really due to a government quarantine or anything like that, but my job has gotten us to work from home, and I haven’t really been going anywhere else other than the supermarket that’s 6 minutes away (or even better the conbini that’s like half that). Today though, I decided almost on a whim to visit the kimono exhibition at the Kyocera Museum of Art (really, I booked it from the night before).

The gorgeous interior of Kyocera Museum of Art ( 京都市京セラ美術館 )

But…why? To that I say “why not?”(other than coronavirus).

A friend of mine mentioned that she went to a kimono exhibition at a museum in the city, and that the kimono basically were designed to represent every country. She had mentioned it a couple months ago, but I had clean forgotten all about it. When she talked about how gorgeous all the kimono were(especially the one from her country), I was like “I have to go see it” so I decided to go today. That’s the story, not so interesting maybe, but the kimono were breathtaking!

Copyright Kyocera Museum of Art

There were so many beautiful designs that I just had to take photos as soon as I saw them. Here’s just a few of the kimono designs for my beloved readers. My boyfriend and I were quite…intrigued…by Spain to say the least!

The designers for the most part did a wonderful job, especially when it came to incorporating floral designs (one of the things I think kimono artisans do exceptionally well). I thoroughly enjoyed basking in the glow of those beauties.

Parting was such sad sweet sorrow

And just as nice as the kimono, we found this interesting little cafe after leaving the museum. Or maybe I should say bar? It was this cafe-bar hybrid on Higashiyama Street.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have any cakes left by the time we got there so I just had tea, but the environment was so nostalgic and the service was great. Apparently it’s the cafe of the hotel there, but no matter, I enjoyed it all the same.

Watching the world go by like a true Flaneur

I’m not much of a coffee drinker (don’t shoot me), but I did have some Rooibos tea, brought out to me in my very own tea pot. The decor was very industrial and clean, sort of a typical fancy Japanese thing, but I quite like that sort of look. I dunno, it has its place I’d like to say, or maybe I’m just really into clean lines. The menu also had drip coffee (of course), matcha lattes, and a neat little selection of teas (earl grey, and the like), but I had a hankering for the Rooibos myself.

My very own teapot!

I truly think I’m very into Rooibos orange tea. It’s not as hard to drink as some other teas I’ve had, like maybe matcha or a regular black tea, and it had a lovely aroma of orange with a faint after note of vanilla (no I don’t know what I’m talking about but it does smell like that). I think I’d like to get some more of that tea another time.

Thanks for being around for my ramblings! I’ve quite forgotten the name of that little cafe, but who can blame me? It’s a quiet little experience I just thought to share (I’ll try to remember the next cafe!)


Your faithfully, floundering flaneur

Floundering Flaneur in…Arashiyama!

For like the second time since I’ve been living in Kyoto.

Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

It’s a little funny to be honest. I’ve lived in Kyoto for the past, I wanna say 4 years (how many from 2016 that may actually be) and I’ve only ever been to Arashiyama a whole of one time. At that time I also went to the Monkey Park where you get to experience your very own cage (with a bunch of other humans — it’s fun despite how it sounds)!

This time around I went with my very best friend ever here in Japan! I love her to death to be honest. And since she’s leaving (seriously, I’m heartbroken) she came to visit for a bit from Tokyo. We had pancakes like every day lol. And it was worth it! But on a freezing Sunday morning she really wanted to go to Arashiyama and I was like “Why not?”

To be honest, I was hella cold, but it was worth it. Arashiyama truly has some breathtaking scenery. Cue my horribly taken iPhone photos here….

Arashiyama about 5m or so from the station. Don’t quote me. I’m bad at maths…and distance

Yeaaaa I’m maybe not the greatest photographer but I’ll have to work on that….

Anyway! Scenery was breathtaking and despite the constant consistent flurries (and my floundering in said flurries), it was a perfect day for flaneuring.

Flaneur is a French term referring to wandering about a city which is, I’ve read, a very French thing to do!

We sauntered through the street filled with shops that were mostly housed in traditional style buildings. This for me is soo different from the Sanjo-Shijo area of Kyoto which is dominated by modern almost sky rises. Arashiyama by comparison seems diminutive, but I think that is a huge part of its charm.


After crossing the bridge, we encountered the many shops of Arashiyama

We also visited Tenryuji (temple) which has an exquisite garden, and the Bamboo Forest. Now I’ve been to the Forest before but Tenryuji was a first for me (by my friend’s recommendation) and it was absolutely lovely. I really enjoyed wandering about the temple itself and then basking in the peaceful glow that was that garden. I mean if you really want a relaxing experience I would suggest giving it a go. The cost for the garden alone is ¥500(around $5US)but to go to both the garden and temple it’s ¥800($8US maybe?). I am also in this recommendation boat!

A bit of The Garden at Tenryuji

All in all my flaneur about Arashiyama was pretty exciting and fun. And of course wandering around a city is best when you’ve got a good friend with you. I wish I could’ve wandered about some more but…I was really very very cold.

Your Floundering Flaneur

Black, White & Gray

Why hello there, let me introduce myself! My name is Michelle, I’m Jamaican, and I currently live, study and work part-time in Kyoto, Japan. Cool right? Even cooler: I’ll be studying animation right here in the heart of animation world! I decided to start this blog to record all my artistic ventures and to give any tips I can for people thinking about coming here. It was super hard for me to find stuff that could help before I came so maybe I can make things a bit easier for others. Anyhoo this is jut an intro so catch ya later.

Your Floundering Flaneur,

michelle circa like 2016

Hello, hi there!

You’d think this post would be related to the different kinds of KitKat you can find here in Japan but plot twist: it’s not.

I’m just here to say hi and to welcome y’all to what will become an insatiably fun adventure full of hijinks, and hopefully animation. My goal will be to keep my posts short and sweet since I’m sure I won’t have much time in the upcoming months.

Stay tuned for more and I won’t disappoint !

Good vibes!